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The Samsung CLP-315W colour laser printer is considered by many to be one of the better for sale in its price range, which is about £145.00. Having said that, is it that good a machine? It’s a “network ready” transportable printer, and this usually goes over well with the wider public. This device likewise prints at average speeds, up to four pages a minute for colour prints and 17 pages a minute for monochrome, however there are lots of other printers which can print significantly faster.

According to the manufacturer, the machine weighs a healthy 30 pounds, so it’s not much of a “portable” device. Nevertheless, it’s pretty small so that it sits well on an unused space on a desktop. Additionally, according to the manufacturer, the networking is compliant with the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g standard and also the 10/100 Ethernet standards, that ought to help make the set up easy using the typical Ethernet/LAN cable or utilizing a wireless link suitable for any wireless router. An instruction manual comes with the unit for “quick set up” in addition to guidelines for anything else required, such as networking.

Even so, the actual networking of the system has caused many more complications than were needed. The instruction guide doesn’t offer nearly enough information to cover the wireless setup. Also if you don’t know about networking, getting in touch with an IT professional may be out of the question. What the guide fails to let you know is that when you have a dynamic IP address, you’re probably going to come across difficulties in getting the wireless to hook up. In addition, although it may connect with a Windows operating-system much better than with a Mac, in any event a static IP address is essential for the wireless set up.

The Instruction handbook itself appears to bring about a great many problems. It seems apparant that the networking difficulty could have been averted if specific steps were worded appropriately. Additionally, several steps appear to have been excluded, as in the example of the wireless setup. For instance, there isn’t any mention whatsoever that a static IP address is essential for the wireless setup.

Additionally concerning the guide, it is not mentioned anywhere that the paper should be sticking out a bit and no photos of the procedure provide any clue of this either. For somebody who’s not acquainted with these sorts of devices, it might result in a problem whenever trying to print a double-sided paper, which can be done manually on this appliance. The plastic components are generally flimsy so the user may not want to push too hard on the paper for fear of breaking something.

There is a PDF file that can be downloaded from the website, that will serve the user a lot more effectively. This version of the manual appears not to overlook any procedures, which could make the set up less complicated, although there is still no mention of the need for a static IP address. This information was obtained by making a prolonged phone call to the Samsung help line.

In all, this printer does the job asked of it. Print quality of colour prints and photos are below average when compared with the standard inkjet printer, but black and white prints are comparable. This is to be anticipated from a laser printer. When it comes to refill toner, it is just as pricey as any other yet it appears to run out faster than any other model, as well. This is a decent model for a Samsung CLP-315W color laser printer and taking into consideration the price and the fact that it is a laser printer, you can’t grumble.

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