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This article will review the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300S wide-format inkjet printer based on the specifications recently released by Canon and my experience with its predecessor, the iPF8000S, and the related iPF8300.

The 8-color 44 “wide iPF8300S is Canon’s latest addition to its imagePROGRAF printer portfolio making a number of advancements that will meet the demands of the high production and color critical work environment. These advancements are best illustrated with the ink and print quality, productivity and the software that is provided with the printer itself.

Ink and Print Quality

The reformulated Lucia EX Ink Set helps to produce high quality photographic output with a wider color gamut, better scratch resistance, less graininess, smoother gradation in color, reduced bronzing, and sharper blacks.

Also aiding the improved image quality is an enhanced printer frame. This allows for more accurate dot placement on the media, ensuring crisp text, fine lines, and smooth transitions. Additionally, the sub-ink tank system allows users to replace ink on-the-fly without stopping the printer.

Canon also recognized that users have an almost limitless number of media options when designing the Media Configuration Tool for the iPF8300S. This tool allows print makers to use Canon branded media but also gives them the ability to create custom media types by adjusting parameters like media weight and thickness, ink drying time and automatic cutting for rolls, paper feed amount, print head height, vacuum strength, and maximum ink usage.

Using custom media types with third-party media will further enhance the precision and quality of prints while helping to take come of the guesswork out of selecting a media type in the printer’s software.


The iPF8300S comes with a built-in 160GB hard drive. This increases productivity by taking the workload from the host computer and allows users to store and retrieve print job data. The built-in hard drive even has several security options designed to protect your files, one of which meets US Department of Defense requirements (DoD5220-22M) for erasure of disk media.

Additionally, the iPF8300S allows users to print to either roll media or single sheets. When printing to rolls, any size width from 10 “to 44” can be used. Users can also print borderless images on 10 “, 14”, 17 “, 24”, 36 “, 42” and 44 “wide rolls. This can be a huge time saver when it comes to post process trimming of prints.

Other Software

The imagePROGRAF Print Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop allows users to print 16-bit images and is a time-saving piece of software that makes the printing workflow a breeze while reducing the likelihood of incorrect settings. Plug-ins are also available for Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Microsoft Office

The Accounting Manager software is a powerful tool that helps users accurately manage their printing costs. Users can track how much paper and ink is being used for each individual print job. Costs for ink and media can be individually assigned to each individual cartridge and media type to provide the individual with their actual cost on each print job. This information can even be exported to Microsoft Excel for long- term cost tracking and billing purposes.

PosterArtist is a template driven software that allows PC users to create posters, banners, and signage in four easy steps. The software provides templates, hi-res royalty free images, and clipart designed for a wide array of markets. Although PosterArtist is an additional option not included with the purchase of this printer, PosterArtist Lite is provided at no additional cost.


With the state-of-the-art ink technology, exceptional print quality, and the software that is included with the Canon iPF8300S, this printer will meet the high quality expectations and demands of the high production work environment found with large format graphics providers like exhibit houses, in-house and government print shops, sign shops, and fine art reproducers.

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Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website

Source by Sean P McGettigan