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Call +1-877-717-6111 – HP 88 Cartridge – Refillable Ink Cartridge Woes

Does your printer use the HP 88 Cartridge?

If you’re looking to save money on printing with your Office jet printer and you’ve considered import refillable cartridges, you should really take a moment to read this article.

Take a quick look at the bottom of one of your hp 88 cartridges. You’ll see that there is a black rubber area on the bottom. This black rubber area is actually a rubber ball that pumps the ink out of the cartridge and into the ink supply lines in your printer which ultimately leads to the hp 88 printhead. This black rubber pump works with a one way valve in the cartridge.

Ink goes out – and stays at a constant pressure at the printhead to prevent air from entering the print nozzles. If air gets into the print nozzles, the printhead will overheat as it relies on a constant supply of ink to keep it cool.

Why is this important?

Refillable cartridges made to replace an hp 88 cartridge do not, I repeat DO NOT have this pump. They rely solely on gravity to provide ink flow to the printhead. With the cost of an hp 88 printhead being upwards of fifty bucks from hp, you should really consider what I’m telling you here. Refillable cartridges are very tempting, however the money that you save in the beginning will be more than made up for when you have to buy a 120.00 set of hp 88 printheads because your ‘refillable’ cartridges allowed air to get into your ink supply lines. To see the ink supply lines for yourself, which carry the ink from the hp 88 cartridges to the printheads, simply open your printer – you’ll see that there are four ink tubes that move with the printheads.

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Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website

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