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The article describes the procedure of installing an HP printer on a Mac computer. The methods described here are simple and correct until date. It is, however, advised that these should be followed carefully to avoid facing problems. It would not only save your time but also money that would otherwise be wasted searching for HP technical support or HP help options.


The installation method is designed for the Mac OS X10.5 (Leopard). However, the procedure remains more or less the same for other Mac OS versions and HP printers. The OS X 10.5 comes pre-integrated with updated HP printer drivers and thus it does not require download or installation of driver software. If these are not pre-included in the OS, download from Apple’s website ( Keep the OS X 10.5 disk handy.

Connect the HP printer to your Mac PC using the USB cable. Turn on your Mac computer if it is not already on. Wait for the prompt to appear. If nothing appears, click on the Apple menu, browse to System Preferences, and choose Print & Fax. Check that your HP printer is listed in the left hand pane in the Print & Fax dialog box. Click on it and then hit the Open Print Queue button.

If your HP printer is missing from the list, then click on the + sign button at the bottom corner of the left hand pane. Click on the Add link and then fill in the details. Type or select the name of the printer in the box next to Protocol, enter the address, leave the Queue box blank, but fill in other details in Name, and location boxes. Click on the dropdown menu next to Print using and click on Select Printer Software. Choose the desired printer driver software from the listed options. When done, hit the Add button to create a new print queue. Hit the Continue button to proceed.

Thereafter, select your HP printer from the list in the left hand side pane and press the Open Print Queue button. Click on the Printer Setup button and verify the Name and Location in the relevant boxes. If there are not correct, change them. Highlight the Driver tab, select your printer using the dropdown menu next to the Print using box, verify and/or modify other details, and then press the OK button.

The Print & Fax screen will show this printer as the default printer, change it if you don’t want to set it as a default one. In some cases, setting HP printer as default creates problems. Thus, you might not like to set it as a default printer. Test a print page to ensure that the printer has been installed correctly.

Additional Tips:

For other OS versions, visit Apple’s website and download driver software. Follow the instructions and complete installation. If you find that the printer software are not pre-installed, then insert the Mac OS X 10.5 disk into the drive. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation of the print driver software. If the disk doesn’t contain printer drivers, then visit Apple’s website and download from there.

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Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website

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