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Call +1-877-717-6111 – Can I Get A Windows 8 Driver For My Old Printer?

Since the introduction of Window 8 consumers are taring their hair out trying to get their old printer working with the new operating system.

If you have an old printer you will need to go to the Manufacturer’s web site.

What if I have an all in one printer?

The same procedure can be used as shown above. However, they may only have the print driver itself. You will not be able to use the Scan or Fax functions. However, Microsoft has a built in function in the latest operating systems. It’s called Windows Fax and Scan. Just use the search function in Windows 7 & 8.

What if I can’t find a driver?

If you can’t find a driver you WILL need to get a new printer. I feel they should support all older printer but then who am I?

New printers

The new printers are usually faster and do a better job of printing. Although this is my opinion i have tried a few. The are really easy to install compared to the old ones also. Also most of the printers now include Scanner, Copier and (If you want it) Fax. You will pay accordingly. You also have a choice of Ink Jet or LaserJet. LaserJet printers have come way down in price.

How to pick a printer

This is a tough one. In fact everybody will give you a different answer. Consider what you want to use it for, The space you have to put it in, price, and even if you need Fax or not. To pick ink jet or LaserJet is yet another decision. Check more than one store. You will be amazed at the diferences.

What about Network Printers?

This should be considered if you have an office environment or if you have printers in several different area or rooms. You also need a person that knows how to connect these. If you only have a couple printers you don’t need to buy a network printer.

Wireless printers

These are very popular. However, you can’t beat a USB cable. Some networks can be slow and you could have connection problems. If at all possible use a cable.

Paper use

Do not use cheap paper or used paper. You could get the printer jammed. Many printers get damaged when people try to “fix” the jam.

Fixing a jam

Read the manual. REMEMBER!! almost all parts are now plastic. Also, there are sensors in the printer that can get damaged if you force the paper out. also paper pieces can stay in the printer that can be very difficult to remove.

Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website
Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website

Source by Dennis Levenhagen