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Call +1-877-717-6111 – 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Laser Printer Scanner

In the past, a laser printer scanner was only used in the office, but more manufacturers are making ones suitable for home use since advancing technology allows them to be smaller and more affordable. Laser printer scanners are faster and have more functions than in the past, so whether you are looking for one for your home or your business, you have many to choose from. Here are a few things you may want to think about before making your purchase.

What functions besides scanning do you need? Most all-in-one, or multifunction printers, as they are called, also copy and fax. Well, only some fax and most copy. If you need to fax, look carefully to be sure the printer you are considering has a faxing function. When copying, some printers require a computer to be connected to them, and some can copy on their own. If copying often, it is much more convenient to have the latter option since it is faster and less headache.

Know what you need to print before looking for a printer. While scanners don’t vary too much, printers do. Several factors should influence which printer you choose. Will you print in color or only in black and white? If you plan to print in color, the price of the laser printer increases significantly. And laser printers are known for not being able to print great photos and other graphics that need shading, so if you plan to print these types of documents, you many want to think about getting an inkjet multifunction printer instead.

How much will you print? An office printer may need to print 1000 pages a day while a home office printer might get used only every other day. Printing speed varies, so be sure to know your needs and how fast the printer you are considering prints.

Know the weight and size of the printer you will purchase. No matter how or where you use the printer you want to be able to move it and fit it in the space you have. For home use, make sure it will fit on your desk and that you can carry it yourself. Office use printers may require a dedicated table or space and a dolly to move them.

Look around for a good deal. The multifunction printer market is very competitive, and there are often sales. All the major makers, such as Dell, Lexmark, HP, Canon, Brother, and Panasonic sell via their websites and their dealers, both online and in physical stores. You should find one at a discount. Prices vary depending on the features of the printer and range from about 120 USD to over 5000 USD.

Convenient and multifunctional a laser printer scanner is a great choice for both home and office. They offer many variations in speed, functions and price. Know ahead of time what you want so you will get one that is a great value but also meets all your needs.